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We’ve Prepared A List Of Forex Brokers By Regulation By Finding Out The Regulatory Status And The Necessary Details Of Every Forex Broker So You Don’t Have To. Check Out The List For More.

Best Forex Brokers By Regulations

What Is Forex Regulation?

Regulation In Foreign Exchange Provides The Much Needed Structure That Ensures A Fair Playground For All Market Participants. The Self-regulatory Nature Of The Forex Market Has Been Criticized Severally, As There Is No Major Regulatory Body Which Oversees The Activities Of Brokers And Their Clients To Ensure Trading Integrity.

What Are The Major Regulatory Bodies?

There Are Different Regulatory Bodies In The Forex Market That You Need To Know About. These Regulatory Agencies Have The Power To Investigate, Penalise Or Even Revoke A Forex Broker’s License If They Make Violations Of Their Regulations. Below Is A List Of Some Of These Major Forex Regulators And Their Brief Descriptions:

  • FSCA
  • ASIC
  • MAS

What Are Benefits Of Trading With A Regulated Forex Broker?

  • Transparent Trading
  • Safety Of Funds
  • Fraud Protection
  • Risk Warnings

Regulation Forex Brokers

To Help Investors Verify The Regulatory Status Of A Broker, Most Regulatory Agencies Maintain An Online Database Which Investors Can Access In Order To Verify Whether A Broker Is Truly Regulated By The Specific Agency.

FSCA Forex Broker

Best FSCA Forex Brokers

ASIC Forex Broker

Best ASIC Forex Brokers

CySEC Forex Broker

Best CySEC Forex Brokers

MAS Forex Broker

Best MAS Forex Brokers

FSA Forex Broker

Best FSA Forex Brokers

DFSA Forex Broker

Best DFSA Forex Brokers

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